Friday, 8th April. Started back on a straight line, 6.40, for the gum creek, and arrived at 1.40 p.m., the horses being so much done up that I must give them two days' rest. I expect they will endure it better next time; they now know what it is to be without. In our course we crossed the middle of Mr. Parry's dry lake. It can be crossed at any time, for there are large courses of slate running through it in a north and south direction, level with the bed of the lake. The country around St. Francis' Ponds is as Mr. Parry describes it, with the exception of the water, which is gone. There is a great deal of Cooper's Creek grass growing in places. It is my intention to start with one man (as soon as the horses recover), and endeavour to find water nearer Mount North-west range. If I can find water east or west of St. Francis I shall then be able to make the Finniss Spring.