The Committee again met on the 9th April—the Hon. the Assistant Commissioner in the chair. It was resolved that the following statement head the subscription list:—

Several meetings having taken place at Adelaide of persons interested in the discovery of an overland route to Western Australia, and it being the general opinion of those meetings that such an enterprise would very greatly benefit the colonists of Eastern, Southern, and Western Australia, it was determined to open subscriptions for the furtherance of this most desirable object under the direction of the following Committee:
G. A. Anstey, Esq.

Charles Bonney, Esq.
John Brown, Esq.
Edward Eyre, Esq.
John Finniss, Esq.
J. H. Fisher, Esq.
Lieutenant Frome, Surveyor–general
O. Gilles, Esq.
Captain Grey W.
J. B. Hack, Esq.
G. Hamilton, Esq.
Ephraim Howe, Esq.
John Knott, Esq.
Duncan M’Farlane, Esq.
David McLaren, Esq.
John Morphett, Esq.
Chas. Mann, Esq.
R. F. Newland, Esq.
Dr. Rankin. Esq.
G. Stevenson, Esq.
F. Stephens, Esq.
Smilie, Esq.
T. B. Strangwaya, Esq.
Capt. Sturt, Ass. Com.
The very great importance of the undertaking as leading to results, and in all probability to discoveries, the benefits of which are at present unforeseen, but which, like the opening of the Murray to this Province, may pave the way to a high road from hence to Western Australia, will, it is hoped meet with that support from the public which undertakings of great national interest deserve, and which best evince the enterprise and well–doing of a rising colony.

That Captain Grey, being about to embark for England, the Committee cannot allow him to quit these shores without expressing their regret that his stay has been so short, and the sense they entertain of the great interest he has evinced in the welfare of the colony, and the disinterested support he has given an enterprise which is likely to lead to such generally beneficial results as that under consideration.

CHAS. STURT, Chairman. CHAS. BONNEY, Secretary.


    The Government of South Australia - 200 pounds
    His Excellency the Governor (absent at Port Lincoln) and the Colonists - 349 pounds 10 shillings

Such was the state in which I found the question on my return from Western Australia. All had been done that was practicable, until answers were received from the other Colonies, replying to the applications for assistance and co–operation in the proposed undertaking.